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Protect brands, domains, assets & people

Reliable, Stealth & Secure

Spyglass Features

Direct Monitoring

Spyglass is independent of any 3rd party, search engine, like Google, Bing, APIs, etcetera.
Our servers scan directly the target sites, giving an enhanced level of reliability, privacy and security

Precise Targeting

Spyglass search over our Target Sites Library, where we keep updated all the desired places where to look.
This allows to consider very specific targets like regions, countries, states, cities, specific sites.
Media Sites, blogs, newsletters, Social Networks, etcetera

Precise Timing

Spyglass sends alerts every 2hs or the desired lapse

Useful Alerts

Spyglass groups the alerts by region, country, state, city and subject and send them selectively to the preselected destination email addresses, SMS and Whatsapp

Special Features

Site's Access

Spyglass can be configured to login and execute specific actions on sites
Can easily access subscription sites  and sites protected with login


Spyglass stores all the alerts and enables web access to them and to define customized analytics

Artificial Intelligence

We are adding AI Deep machine Learning, Fuzzy Logic and ChatGPT analysis to the service

Early detect cyber threats hiding across the web

Technical Intelligence
Coverage for your critical assets

Competitive Business Intelligence

Protective Intelligence
Full visibility of emerging threats

Forensic Technical Intelligence
Respond and recover, rapidly

Financial Intelligence

Mobirise Website Builder

Email Alert examples

The email alert shows the Account title, number of alerts in this email, and for each alert, the Target Site and type, its  Country, State, City, a brief about the mention with the expressions of interest highlighted and a link to the original page.

Mobirise Website Builder

Email Alert example

Mobirise Website Builder

About Us

Spyglass is an Interwave's spinoff.

Interwave llc, www.IW-Global.com , has other very remarkable spinoffs like Voip Group, Inc from where envisioned, developed, implemented and maintained systems for NASA for 12 years 



Define the Regions, Countries, States, Cities, Sites where to look


Define the set of terms or expressions to look for


Define how often to look

Whom / How

Define who will receive the grouped alerts

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